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The Frank Fountain is assembled in Hillsboro, Oregon with global parts.  This livestock fountain is very sturdy and will last many years.  There is no comparison between the Frank Fountain and other fountains on the market.  Each fountain passes multiple points of inspection before it is shipped to you, the customer.

The Frank Fountain

  • Single fountain- 20” high x 13” wide x 18” deep

    Double fountain- 


    Consider the following Eight Important Features before you purchase a water station for your animals. Compare these features with any other fountain on the market and you will soon realize the Frank Fountain is the very best in price and value.


    1. Attractive Design:This trouble free and safe water fountain was designed by industry members to suit their needs and is manufactured by Stoneberg Alpacas, LLC

    2. Maintenance Free: Constructed of heavy duty molded polyethylene plastic, stainless steel and aluminum for a rust free and long life. Both models have an automatic pre-set water level valve.

    3. Pre-Assembled: These fountains come ready to install and are free standing with floor support holes for attaching to concrete or dirt. Optional wall mounts can be added.

    4. Safe: The 300watt heating element is circular in design and is located close to the stainless steel bowl for maximum heat transfer. It comes with a fixed thermostat controlling the heater element. Inside insulation helps prevent heat loss to the outside. Green light indicates that voltage is supplied to the fountain. Red indicator light shows when the heater is in operation. A two position switch is provided for easy selection of 150 or 300 watts of power usage of additional energy savings.

    5. Cleaning: The 12″ diameter, 8 quart stainless steel bowl lifts out and water is discarded along with any contaminants. Return the bowl and it fills with water again automatically! No valves to turn off!

    6. Electrical: The electrical heater system is protected by a 5amp internal circuit breaker. The two (2) position power switch (high 300watt or low 150watt) may be set to match weather conditions to save energy consumption.

    7. Water System: A ½” shut off valve is supplied and ready to connect to customer’s water line. Water and electrical service enter from the bottom for simple and fast installation.

    8. Economical: Lowest cost and most economical of any comparable heated water station on the market. The selective wattage control lowers operating costs.


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