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Stoneberg Alpacas, LLC was formed in 2007 with our initial focus on the show ring and creating the 'ideal alpaca'.  Some years ago, I realized we needed to promote the 'entire' alpaca on a much larger scale.


We decided there was a need to have two groups of alpacas; fleece production and meat production. 

Here at our farm these two groups of animals (fleece production and meat production) fluctuate regularly.  The fleece group of animals is for the show ring system, where fleece and phenotype (appearance) are top priority.  The fiber from these animals is sent to different mills across the United States and returned to our farm after processing.

Unfortunately not every animal is perfect in every way.  However, as livestock farmers we utilize each and every animal on our farm.

In late 2022 we started Stoneberg Meat Company.  Our goal is to provide your family with high-quality, local, farm raised alpaca meat. Alpaca is a red meat which is high in protein, low in fat and cholesterol. No hormones. No antibiotics.


Peace of mind for your family!

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